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Contrade is a company who deals in the production and trading of agricultural, fruit and vegetable products, in the Macconi area, situated in the Province of Ragusa in southern-east Sicily.
Contrade was born thanks to the perseverance and experience in the production of fruit and vegetable in greenhouses carried out with care and devotion from more than two generations by the Tardera family.
Contrade was born from the will of the Tardera family to optimize the trading of these products; with this in mind it proposes itself on the market as a service company for the trading of agricultural products and for providing services to commercial farms.
Contrade runs the activity of conditioning and trading of the agricultural products grown in the areas nearby the Tardera commercial farm. These areas are cultivated with vegetable and fruit in greenhouses by small and medium family businesses, who care more about the quality of the product than the image or promotion of it.
Sede operativa:
c/da Macconi 97011 Acate (RG)

Sede legale:
Via Cacciatori delle Alpi, 357 - 97019 Vittoria (RG)

Sicily, Italy
Phone +39 0932 1865202
Fax +39 0932 801089


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