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The mission
The Vision
The mission, the marketing of a new generation.
Tradition and innovation
The company Contrade has always invested all its resources and today it can boast genuine products, cared with modern technology. The company Contrade, although rich in history and traditions, faces up in a young and modern way to the new challenges of the market; for this reason it pays attention to the clearest needs of the market such as having quality and tasteful products. The Tardera brothers experienced on the field the extreme transformation of the vegetable and fruit market; therefore, the deep knowledge of it, acquired during its history, becomes the efficient tool used by Contrade to plan the future.
Desire of growth
Contrade represents the desire of a steady commitment needed to improve everything is done. This led to the need to trade their own products and to keep and maintain commercial relationships with important companies of northern Italy and foreign companies.
Sede operativa:
c/da Macconi 97011 Acate (RG)

Sede legale:
Via Cacciatori delle Alpi, 357 - 97019 Vittoria (RG)

Sicily, Italy
Phone +39 0932 1865202
Fax +39 0932 801089


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